Monday, December 28, 2009

Retro fabric in Japanese design

So remember the fabrics that I showed a couple of weeks ago - or maybe it was months ago -I can't remember, showing motifs of pigs with cobweb and geckos? Anyhoot, so I have more fabric of the same wonderful Japanese designer that will soon turn into the coolest retro pillows. The latest designs come with prints of cars and scooters. The fabrics combine beautifully. However I suggest you combine these retro prints with the more stylish kimono pillows coming early spring which I think would add more of a surprise element to your bed or sofa.
Stay tuned for pics of the finished pillow covers. Cheers!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Eye candy from down below

Ohh I just love these pillows! It's eye candy all the way from Australia. The colors, the patterns, the fact that they are hand printed...yapp it's official I LOVE THEM! Wish I could just keep all my pillows or just make them all work together un our house, but one has to choose and these are at the top of my list at the moment. Yummy!

Measures: 40x40 cm

Price SEK 550

New pillows with vintage prints

The duo behind these pillows have created a wide range of inspiring designs. The motifs of the pillows are truly original, regularly renewed and inspired by old documents or drawn from the creators own world. Particular care is taken to match the back to the front; the fabrics used for the back varying from one cover to another - they are truly unique! In the same spirit as PilLove's design - each cover is numbered and the number of copies are limited. Art is simply not mass made! LOVE IT OR DIE! YUUUUMMY!
Price SEK 550

Rikkemai watch out here comes PilLove!

I don't know if you've heard or seen Rikkemai's shawls...they are gorgeous but according to me over priced. So when I came across these babies I just feel in love instantly and once again decided I had to share them with everyone else.
The scarves/shawls are made of hemp or cotton fabric that are hand embroidered with typical Hmong/Miao cross stitches. The shawls are sewn out of vintage fabric collected from Thailands Hmong Hill Tribes in northern Thailand. If you love Rikkemai shawls but like me can't afford them these are a wonderful alternative as you don't pay for the brand just the artestry.

I haven't decided which to choose they are all so fabulouse!

Price SEK 1200

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Spring is here! Ohh wait X-mas has yet to pass. Darn it!

So these hand printed pillow covers - made by a designer based in Japan - are just lovely with their springish bright colors. They make me long for spring....even thought X-mas has yet to pass. The quality is superb! Hidden zipper, measures 48x48 cm, fits perfect with a 50x50 cm insert.
Price 560 SEK

Friday, November 20, 2009

Classic pillows with an edge

The Helkat pillows have arrived and they are beautiful. The have a raw, vintage, classic style to them. Colors are soft but there is still strong elements of color. Would be stunning in a sofa, on a bed or in an armchair.
Price 570 SEK

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hand embroidered Hmong pillow

These pillows are unique. They are made out of vintage hand embroidered fabric from Hmong hill tribe in Northern Thailand. The fabric is a kind of patchwork of indigo blue cotton and rasberry pink. The embroidery is done in yellow, orange, white and green cross stitches. As the fabric is vintage and delicate, we've had to restore some damaged parts and reinforce the fabric by extra lining. The back of the pillows are done in a matching rasberry pink and the pillow cover closes with a hidden zipper. A work of art! Beautiful!

Price 550 SEK

Pillows with a statement

Oh these are just fantastic, I LOVE THEM! The colors, the statements, the fact that they are eco-friendly...what's not to love! These pillows - made in felt - are hand made by a cool chic in the States. They measure 50x50 cm but with a fold over closure you probably get a even nicer finish with a smaller insert.

Price 525 SEK

Sunday, November 15, 2009

For the wee ones...and the bigger ones as well...


The Kimono serie is more or less complete...

A new batch of pillows have arrived, so now I actually have some pillows to sell at least of the PilLove collection. Here are a selection of the Kimono serie. It comes in two colorways - green and red. That is, the back of the pillow is either in green or red cotton velvet. Each pillow cost 450 SEK but once I start selling through physical shops,the price for each pillow will be approx. 600 SEK. In other words, if you're planning on getting yourself one, you should buy it now ; ) The same goes for the childrens pillows above they cost 399 SEK and will eventually be around 590 SEK per pillow case.