Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Finally...I'm on etsy.com

So I finally took the time to register my stuff on etsy.

Wanna buy my designs at a favourable price check it out!


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Spring vibes on the blog...

So I decided I had to get a more spring-ish feel on the blog, so for now I will dress everything up in this beautiful flower dress. It does work well with the overall them of the "COLOR me happy theme" here at PilLove ; ) Hope you like it too!

Ohh....talking about spring I just had to include this pic taken in our garden a couple of years ago. This green oasis has been a distant memory the past year after I managed to "kill off" our lawn last year : ( If you'd like to know how I did that, give me a call ; ) I don't make it a habit of sharing my most embarrassing moments with just anyone ; ) Anyhoot, we are rolling out new grass tomorrow and I can't wait to actually have the garden dressed in green again. Just look at the picture and the colors, it's all natural no color enhancement here...."grönt är skönt" as you say in Swedish!

Fabulous fabric

Got some new fabric yesterday. As always it's something new to fall in love with. It's called Beach balls as the fabric is - as one might guess - covered with beach balls. The colors are so fresh and vibrant and I just love the way the work together. Now I just have to figure out what to do with it. I'm thinking pillow covers 50x50 cm, floor pillows 65x65 cm or maybe toddler bedding....hmmm....it's tough to decide.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Baskets from Bali

Ok, so I have fallen completely in love with these hand made, hand painted baskets from Bali. I would love to offer them to my customers but I'm not sure they would pay the price that I have to charge : ( Take a look aren't they just beautiful!

This is how they cary them when they go to the temple with blessed offerings.

They come in all kind of shapes and sizes...

...I am of course especially fond of the baskets with vibrant colors like these...

I also made this...

...to die for duvet cover for toddler. I think the print is oh-so-cool and the colors will make any room pop! It has that lovely retro feeling but is still super fresh! I have decided to take orders for this, i.e. you can place an order for your darling or darlings if you happen to have severals ; )and choose what matching fabric you'd like. You can choose from seersucker in red and white or turqouise and white. Send me an email specifying what you'd like or place an order online via the shop - http://www.pillove.se/ or my shop at etsy. Expected delivery time is 1-2 weeks depending on my work load. Thanks!

Price SEK500 (incl. one duvet cover and matching pillow cover)

How I spent my weekend

So here's how I spent my weekend...saving shirts! : ) My husband wears a shirt to work everyday and I have finally found why that is a good thing...I can make super soft and beautiful pillow covers out of the used and discarded shirts (i.e. those with e.g. a hole on the elbow or a spot on the sleeve). It's a great way to make a second life product; the fabric is of good quality and since the shirts have been worn they are soft to the touch. Take a look at these, I think they turned out great!

They will probably end up here, i.e. in the bedroom. Makes great decor pillows matching the existing duvet cover and pillows. Throw a couple of these into the mix and you have a very chic boutique hotel feeling to your bed ; ) Hmmmm....now if I could only charge my guests.... ; )

Sunday, April 18, 2010

How to decide...

...I don't know?! So once again I'm trying to decide on what fabrics to choose for my new childrens line. This time I'm thinking of making duvet and pillow covers for toddlers with matching decor pillows. The fabrics below are some of the prints that I have just fallen in love with, however and this is a BIG one I will only go for two or maaaaybeee three designs/prints and I find it impossible to choose!

So the theme of this collection is "around the world" and this particular print makes me wanna travel the world and experience all kind of exotic places. The print will just trigger my kids imagination and take her all kind of far away places in her dreams....Russia, Tokyo, China her we come! Sleep tight honey bunny!

My kind of retro....just L O V E it!

The cutest print ever!

Let's go visit the jungle, shall we? A great print! Lot's of crazy colors and prints of animals like lions, monkey's and exotic birds.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My work...

...in a tree : )

More inspirational pics

...of the "gotta have" pillows...as always I wonder why anyone would choose a pillow that is grey, white, blue or brown (or any other dull color for that matter), when these exclamaition marks could be yours. If your one of "those" these pics should make you reconsider : )

How can one NOT want these pillows?

So you may or may not have noticed that I represent Bonjour mon Coussin pillows at the shop and I have been meaning to take some inspirational pics of them so that my customers can see that they are to DIE for! They come in with the coolest of prints and some are just bursting with colors. Look at these...whats not to love? Took this pic this morning in the garden in my Japanese cherry tree that are bursting with pink flowers. I think the pillows appear to float...

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Oh my lovely kitchen table

...you look so nice all raw and natural, I wish I could keep you this way! My kind and hard working father helped me sandpaper down the table top (took him a whole afternoon, thank...thank you...thank you dad!) so that the beautiful wood would come through. Gone are the awful wet spots and the varnish that used to cover the table top. Now the finish is all natural and soft as a baby's butt. I wish I could just keep it this way but this is not utopia (meaning we have a kid, we drink wine and eat dinner at the table) so the table will haft to be treated. Ah well at least I now have pictures to document it when it was all blond and natural and lovely.

oh, I bought this beautiful ceramic bowl today...I have longed for it and now it's mine!

You can see the before color on the legs, they are a bit darker but works really well with the top.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

I forgot to say...

...that if you live in the nearby area PLEASE feel free to drop by and take a look tomorrow. Have yourself a nice glass of wine, browse, enjoy the nice weather, meet some new exciting people...have a cracker or two or maybe a cup cake (my husband is all keen on making them and who am I to say no!??) Check these out, he made these for our daughters b-day. Hidden talent...I tell you, he should change direction and work with something more creative ; )

Hugs & kisses


Spread the Love...

So I'm having an open house for anyone interested in getting their hands on some color splash for their home. I spent the whole day yesterday arranging (with the help of my lovely mother) all the goodies...let me tell you, it is truly time consuming! Phuu! We took a short but very needed break for lunch which luckily gave us our inspiration back. I am very happy with the result, what do you think?

The goodie table...

All warm and cozy in color...classic touch with helkat pillows...

Here's the culture corner showcasing, batik fabric, hand embroidered Suzanies, hand woven ikat pillows from Uzbekistan, hand embroidered Hmong shoulder bags from China, Hmong hilltribe batik, hand embroidered pillow case and shawls from Hmong hilltribes.

A close up...

The red corner....all warm and lovely colors...pillows with lots of humor in textiles by Japanese textile designer Etsuko Furuya.

It's spring but somehow this is autumn for me....still gorgeous though...for those looking for a warmer palette.

Oh yes! All bright and bold...this is so crisp and just makes me Happy with a capital H.

More of summer! Where's my 30 degrees celsius, bright blue sky, chilled white wine and sandy toes?

Gone a little night creature crazy? Get your dose of owls...

How can one not LOVE turquoise....it makes me long for summer days on the beach...or a deserted blue laguna in a distant exotic part of the world...

More "Turk" love : ) with sprinkles of bright pink...

Childrens corner...

More goodies for the little ones...

Bedding for baby/toddler....owl friend to keep your darling safe at night : )

Close up...a fish anyone?

New Batik fabrics in bright summer colors...this picture does not bring them enough justice, they have to be experienced...touched...