Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Paris...oh Paris...

So one particular cover from Bmc has caught the eye of many -Paris no 4 - which I'm sorry to say is not available in the store at the moment as they are all sold out. Now Paris no 4 has been featured in Sköna Hem (Sweden's biggest magazine within interior design/decoration in terms of most reader's), the travel issue of Expressen (a supplemt to the national newspaper that gives all kinds of travel why not include a map of Paris ;-) and now it's going to be featured in Dagens Nyheter a national newspaper that has a rather large audience. So in other words SUPER FUN and great sales for me, yeah! (=I'm still poor and barely able to pay my bills)

Now I have to confess, I don't really get the big fuss about this particular pillow cover. I mean it's nice, super nice in fact, but I will always prefer the more colorfull ones by BoC. Now I guess if you have a particular relationship with the beautiful city - say you lived in a particul part of Paris and that is shown on the map or a particular street - I get it. I would love to see maps of other cities as well, like Rome, New York, Tokyo and London but in more color :-)
Ahh well, anyhoot....I really just wanted you all to know that I've placed a new order for the Paris covers and that they will hopefully be in the shop within a few weeks (expect at least 3 weeks delivery). You are more than welcome to reserve a cover, making sure you get your hands on one. Just send me an email and I will fix with all the details.
Have a great weekend!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Bamboo craze

So I know I've said it before but I'm absolutlely in love with bamboo and would love to have more chairs and tables in all sorts of crazy colors. The thing is, it's almost impossible to find ones of great the ones included in the pics below. I guess the choice of bold colors is what catches my eye....and I'm sure the daring colors can be credited to the climate, which is quite different in Australia than it is here in Scandinavia....but still....I wish we weren't as afraid of using colors...

This pic is from Decor Pad

...and this as well...
...but the rest are all from Absolutely Beutiful things

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

So I was actually out...

..."shopping" the internet for inspiration for my two new project - an art/photo wall and a new headboard for our bed. I came across so many inspirational pics I thought I'd be generous and share them with you :-)

Love the mix of just about everything...a memorabilia wall with all your favorite things, makes it personal and homey. Image from the blog Absolutely Beautiful things.

From my all time favorite blog in the whole wide world - Absolutely Beautiful things. And YES! absolutely everything she posts on her blog is fabulous and I'd buy a ticket to Brisbane to visit her shop Black & Spiro and I'd probably never leave unless I can bring everything in the shop with me! This bedroom was done by Anna herself (blogger and owner) and I LOVE it! It's right up my alley with all the wonderful colors and the many decorative pillows on the bed (of can NEVER have enough pillows!) and to top it off she has a wonderful Suzani at the end of the bed...ahhh...Love it or die! Check out the two vintage Suzani's that I have in the shop (under "Selected by pilLove"). Enough said about this picture, lets move on....

A hotel suite anyone? Now I really like this room but it would never work for me as has too much of a hotel vibe and let's be honest who in their right mind has a bed where the sheets don't have one single wrinkles on them and where every little thing is in its place? Who doesn't have any clothes lying around or anything else that migh show that there are actual people living in the house/apartment, and not Barbi and Kent. But like I said, I like the room, it's just not realistic! So it's not an option...moving along....

Now this is neither a wall or a headbord but it was just so cool I had to include it! This sofa is super nice with it's clean lines, and it's a perfect mix of the black and white striped cushions and the decorative pillows with graphic's fab...really....buuut I don't do graphic prints it's just not me...
Super cute! Love the vintage patchwork quilt (wish I had one!) and the headboard with Love is just adorable!
To sweet for our bedroom though...

Love a noteboard/mood board that is jam packed like this. It's great (cheap) art for your walls and really expresses you as a person.

Another great room from Anna at Black & Spiro! Great mix of decorative pillows, love the paintings!

Super cool alternative headboard, would be über nice in a teenage boy room, well I'd love it in our bedroom as well buut not this time. By the way, where would I ever find all the letters? It would take forever and days spent roaming flee markets, and for the record, we don't even have cool ones where you would find anything remotely as cool as these letters! So nope won't happen...

Another great pic stolen from Black & Spiro, love everything in this picture. The green color on the walls (why paint white when you can stare into this green wall everynight?!) The want!...the chair, expecially the cushions, the über chic lamp in turquoise, the orange trash bin (love the wild combo of colors!! L-O-V-E IT! and to to finish the perfect setting - two beautiful bouquets, ahhh I'm in heaven!

So as you can see there has been no decision made on the headboard and as for the art/photo/memorabilia wall...I'm slowely getting there. I'm doing some photo editing in PS at the moment and I have to buy some new frames and well the headboard will have to wait a couple of days....or weeks ;-)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Oh dearest I have...

... fallen in love AGAIN! How is this possible??
Now the greatest thing about my job is getting my hands on products that I like, love or crave and of course being able to offer them to you - my lovely customers - at a fairly reasonable price. The worst part is that it's almost IMPOSSIBLE to choose, as there are SO MANY fab products out there and even though they might not be the most expensive products for me to buy, my wallet is fairly thin, which is forcing me to be very picky when deciding on what to buy(hmmm....which in a way is also a good thing....ahh....well...anywaaay...). Now the products below are excellent examples. I would love to buy this suppliers' whole collection as I just LOVE IT! But unfortunately I can't, as I simply can't afford it. And also, I don't want to risk sitting on a large stock of items that you - my customers - for some strange reason have decided that you don't want (I admit...sometimes I just don't get you...I'm sorry....but I mean how can you not want to buy all my stuff???) Take a look at these pillows and quilts aren't they just wonderful?

Now am I crazy, or is this the coolest bed spread ever?? Me want a lot!

... and yes I agree these kind of frilly unnecessary things - like Lavender bags - aren't...well...necessary but they are still lovely ;-)

Me L-O-V-E a L-O-T!

Just lovely...makes me smile...

Again...what's not to like???

Sweet butterflies for your darling...

The Fair Traded Travel bag...

...will soon arrive in the shop. Now as usual I've only ordered a few, 8 in total. However, there is new addition - the Eco Jumbo Bag (I only ordered 2). Now this wonderful bag should be great for keeping all your dirty clothes a little less dirty ;-)

When it comes to the travel bags I've ordered the large ones as well as the medium sized bags & I think they are P-E-R-F-E-C-T!

The medium size bag

Now here is the new addition - the Jumbo Eco bag

A close up of what used to be a very nice looking cement bag

Want one yet?? Better hurry!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What's wrong with this picture?

There's something special about the sunlight in the late afternoon. It has that soft warm glow that just makes averything look that more appealing, it makes me long for summer AGAIN. And even though we've had a beautiful autumn so far, I keep wondering why one choose to stick around when the climate is not that appealing most of the year.

Here are some pictures that I took this afternoon, I think they show off the products beautifully, what do you think?

Monday, October 4, 2010

A decoupage stool, perhaps?

So feeling creative yesterday I decided to make my daughters rather boring stool a little more attractive. It's amazing what transforming power a little glue and a few pieces a paper can have!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I know...'re thinking what happend! It's like a got publishing diarrea...three blog posts within a few hours! It's crazy ;-)
I just remembered that I have been meaning to share my latest "work of art" (well you'll be the judge of that). I'm really happy with how it came out, though I haven't decided if I'm done with it yet. I just might do some tweeking. I have this love for the color aqua or turquoise (well and pink...I've always been crazy about pink! Makes me all happy and warm inside...) and the dreamy texture when everything in the painting is a bit blurry. This painting is called "Dare to be remarkable" which is such a great quote...

Now the original idea was to include all these paper flowers
in the tree (that I've made out of pretty paper) but now
I'm not so sure...will have to think about that...

Fab new things in the shop

Brand new and absolutley gorgeous stuff have arrived in the shop. And since Swedish autumn showed itself from its absolut best side today, I decided to have myself one of my many "photo shoots" in our garden. Now, I make it a big thing to always showcase my products in natural light, after all that is the light that will be offered you - my customer - when you present them in your sofa, on your bed or floor And also it just depict the colors in a more correct way contrary to studio light which is rather harsh and revealing. Anyhoot, here are some nice pics of some of the latest arrivals in the shop, enjoy!