Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hmong bag spotted on the streets of Paris...

So I got this picture that was published on a fashion blog showing a woman on the streets of Paris. Can you see the bag? Recognize it? Well this is not the "real deal" it's the bags that are mainly machine stitched and sometimes have parts included from the Hmong baby carriers. Mine are a 100% hand embroidered vintage's still beautiful though!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

BoligLiv...what a spread! Thank you...thank you!

So I had the great fortune to get a spread in the Danish interior design magazines' Jan/Feb issue. Wow! I'm so glad they belived enough in my products and my business idea to write an article about it. So here's a copy of the front page of the magazine and the spread it self. If you want to read it you have to buy it! I'm sooo happy....thank you, thank you, thank you Britt Endicott at BoligLiv!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Formex 2010

So I visited the Swedish Trade Fair Formex this weekend and I must say that it was very interesting and great fun. I wasn't there to buy but to browse and to get an idea of what's offered and who my competitors are ;) I was a bit surprised though as there weren't that many exhibitors that caught my eye. I thought the visit where going to leve me discouraged because there where going to be so many great suppliers with super cool and exciting products, however most of them left me feeling "been there, seen that". The only two exhibitor's that struck a cord with me was Olssen & Jensen and Danish House Doctor. Take a look yourself I've included some pics below.

So two of my goodies made it to Formex and were displayed in the Creative Flow installation. Apparently the pillow cases didn't make it as they didn't have any insert...bummer! I wish I had known and I would have included some.

The Fair Traded Travel Bag...

...and one of my owls.

Lamp shades in velvet from Olsson & Jensen that I just HAVE TO HAVE!

Eva Jensen, my former employer, the brain behind Olssen & Jensen.

Wonderful sari throws from House want.

The pillow in the middle with the embroidery reminds me of my hand embroidered Hmong pillows but these are probably machine made and not vintage ;) Still beautiful though!

An arrangement from House the colors!

Lovely matrasses from House also want alot

Super cool throw

They're not new to the market but still Kamelo's feather lamp shades.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Feeling creative....made a monster doll

A collection of Creatures ; )

So I had a creative day yesterday. Had one of those days when my fingers itch to do something creative and since I had been roaming the internet for new products for children, I decided I had to try and make a plush doll. I managed to make four....pretty good don't you think? Well to be 100% honest it took me two days ; ) The first one is made of out Ebba's old baby jeans and fabric buttons for eyes and the nose is a red button that I had laying around. Her feet is made out of one of Ebba's lay off onesies (bacause of a stain that didn't come of in the washer...something that never happens around here at casa Wanninger ; ) That's what you get when you let your darling eat without a bib! Well at least I can say that this doll/monster (?) really is a second-life product! The second one is my go at making and owl similar to the one's I sell at my webshop. It turned out quite well actually but I must admit I'm really likning the "ugly-but-in-a-cute-kind-a-way". This has a matching buddy an owl made out of what was left of Ebbas jeans and last but not least a little fishy (pics show front and back of fish). Oh and yes they are for does SEK 250 a piece sound?

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ok, so it has to be said...

...why buy this shawl (Rikkemai) for SEK 3000...
...when you can buy this for SEK 1200 (PilLove)?

My pillows are featured in a magazine, YEAH!

( Click on image to enlarge picture)

So the first magazine ever to showcase my pillows are now out YEAH! It's so unreal to see your own stuff right their on the pages of a magazine! So the first magazine is the Swedish "Ladies" magazine Femina. They have a feauture that showcases and gives you ideas of how you can create a vintage style and one is by adding wonderful pillows. Femina featured 5 of Pillove's pillows:

Indonesian Batik pillow cover, No 4
Vintage Hmong pillow cover, No 10
Owl - Forest Friend, No 18
Indonesian Batik pillow cover, No 20
Kimono Pillow - Japanese Blossoms on Pink, No 22

To buy a pillow visit my shop on

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Halleluja the webshop is open

Finally....the moment has come! My webshop has opened it's doors to the public! So I can at last say; Welcome all shoppers, browsers, slaves to interior design, mothers, daughters, sisters, husbands (I doubt you'll visit much ;-)....well basically anyone who is on the outlook for something unique!

I have a rather limited selection of everything, 10 pieces at the most of one product. So the rule is, you have to be quick if you've fallen in love with one of my many gems. Please, please, please leave me a comment if you have anything you'd like to say, share, diss or if you are lonely and just need a friend ;-) I welcome you all! I wish you all happy shopping!

Visit or click on the link on the and make me proud ; )

Lots of Love,


Monday, January 11, 2010

A piece of textile culture in your sofa..

These beautiful pillow covers are made from hand dyed and hand woven ikat fabric. Ikat is a technique of weaving that requires a great amount of precision of tying and dyeing silk yarn in order to achieve a desired pattern. These ikat pillows are bought from a Uzbek based company that works closely with the most talented artists and designers within their fields. The money generated through sales is used to support these artists and designers who otherwise would be struggling making a living doing what they love.