Monday, November 19, 2012

Nya kundjobb via

Så har jag fått två nya beställningar via, kul! Fina blev de också tycker jag själv :-)

En fin dopinbjudan...

...och en poster i doppresent till en liten Wilhelm.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Autumn coming...

So the wind is howling away outside the window and one can really feel that autumn is around the corner....or is it already here (?) is after all September. Sat myself down with my coffee and my newly purchased book (and a daughters box of mixed icecreams should do it ;-) and thought I would take a break from carrying around and entertaining my son as he was taking his afternoon nap. But I didn't manage to sit long as the hydrangeas were looking so beautiful that I just had to make a flower arrangement and enjoy them inside the house as well. So after some fideling and rearranging this is what they look like on out kitchen table. Lovely autumn colors!

Been away forever...

Ok so I thought that I'd make a post so that you know I'm still alive ;-) Did some new artwork that you will find for sale on under PilLove. I don't think it will generate much money ;-) but at least someone gets to view it besides our walls at home! Below are two of the new prints available.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

So this is how...

...Alberts Christening invitation looked like after I printed it and cut it out by hand with sissor, pretty nice eh?

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Having a party?

Are you having a party for your kid and don't want one of those zillions of party invitations with cinderella or Winnie the pooh printed on them, have faith I have the solution! I am now offering my services (AGAIN! :-) and will have a few different ones (I just have three designs so far....give me some time and there will be more to choose from and also the ones you see can be done in many different colors) for you to choose from. For SEK100 you can have your own personalized party or Christening invitation that you can print at home on a little nicer/heavier cardstock. The ones I have made so far goes well with envelopes that you can find at Panduro (these comes in all different colors, why pick white??) or this square envelope

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Extending my services include invitations! Need one for your baby's christning or would like a custom made wedding invitation, I would love to assist you! Below you will find an exampel or two of what they could look like.

Invitation Christning

Wedding invitation


Church program

Sunday, April 22, 2012

More of my artwork for sale

Lonely is not the only company
Measures 60x74 cm
Price: SEK1500

Dare to be Remarkable
Measures: 80x100 cm
Price: SEK3500

The world is a book and he who stays at home only reads the first page
Measures: 73x90 cm
Price: SEK2500

Measures: 50x50 cm
Price: SEK1500 a piece

At a friends house

So I was invited to a friends house and I just had to share some pics from her family's newly purchased house. She has been a loyal customer, so I was excited to see how some of my "things" went with her other "stuff". She had a stunning home and needless to say a real sense of my things - of course - really completed her look ;-)

The Suzani at the end of the bed, as well as the flower pillow are both mine...

...and so is the cute little owl on the chair

The big floor pillows are perfect for the kids to lay on and play with. I love the mix of style Louise has, she is quite daring in her mix of color and pattern as well as in the way she has chosen to mix different styles.

Stuff still for sale

Lovely imaginative pillows from France SEK450

Cutest childrens pillows 40x40 cm all the way from down under SEK250

Hand printed pillows from the UK, beautiful handiwork, lovely details SEK350

For the person with a more exclusive taste: hand woven and hand dyed silk fabrics from Uzbekistan SEK350

These lovely pillows are made out of block printed textiles from Japan SEK350

Fair traded travel bags made out of recycled cement bags comes in 2 sizes M and L SEK150 or SEK 250

Childrens pillows in vibrant colors made out of designer fabrics SEK250

Super cool and fun pillows made from fabric by the Japanese textile designer Etsuko Furuya SEK250

Batik floor pillows perfect for the floor or the outdoor terrace SEK400

Kimono pillows in strong vibrant colors SEK250

Kimono pillows with a dark purple back in velvet (red is sold out)

A beautiful Suzani from 1976 to learn more about Suzanis look for Suzani under tags SEK2000

Felt pillows with thoughtful messages SEK250

Tribal textiles from Zambia colored by hand SEK200

My artwork 

2 beautiful matching flower pillows SEK450 a piece

Batik pillows perfect for the floor, measuring 80x80 cm

Lots of batik textiles by the yard