Saturday, September 21, 2013

New chest of drawers for the sons room

I instantly fell in love with this chest of drawers when I found it for sale online. A familly was moving to a new house and wanted to sell as much as possible of their old stuff. Best thing was that I got it really CHEAP!

It will look great in our sons room and so much more fun than the one I had planned to buy at IKEA.

New carpet in bedroom

So the carpet that I had to have from IKEA has landed in the bedroom, where it actually works really well.

Flowers of the week...

...a new center piece takes its place on the kitchen table and the shadows from the basket is casting shadows on the table that are just as beautiful as the flowers. Very decorative!

Monday, September 16, 2013

trying to decide on a carpet...

So far I found these on but they are machine made so not much craftmanship behind these things. Then again the kids will be rolling around and playing on them, so I might be better off buying a cheap one this time around and invest in a more exclusive one once they are bigger.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Autumn brings lovely warm and rich colors...

...and yesterday I was tempted to do a flower arrangement after laying my hands on these gorgeous Dahlias at the flower market in Denmark. Now I love working with oasis, so this is a typical Charlotte center piece if I get to choose one. It is a color explosion, just the way I like it!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Were I get a lot of inspiration...

Anna Spiros work is where I keep coming back for inspiration. My only problem is that I don't live in Australia and therefore have trouble incorporating her designs in my own home. I wish I had a boutique like her's where I could go and shop inspiration and a piece or two when I could afford it :-) Now I only get to Dream of owning one of her signiture pieces.

Here are some inspirational pics from her blog

Favorite things...

Bestlite lamps in the kitchen... hydrangea in the entrance... and müslie container...

...and last but not least, plates and bowls from anthropologie in UK

The sofa... well visited, probably the most popular place to hang in the house at the moment. The saris look great and protects it from the kids greasy fingers and dirty summer feet.

Catch of the day :-)

My fave horse look great in the china cabinet

Tiles for the guest toilet...

We are mixing in hand made tiles in the guest bathroom. We did some prints of the kids feet and hands and thought it would be nice to place them in the floor that we are doing in the toilet as a memory.

The finished result. To see what they look like in Place you have to wait.:-)

Some pics from the new kitchen...

enjoy! (I do everyday :-)

With an armchair in place...

The dining area by the french doors, love absolutely L-O-V-E the light!

Yeah, and I placed some kids in this pic :-)

The new cabinet... Beautiful and I must admit I have a Little love affair going on with it :-) It's sooo pretty :-)

The painted door...

So I asked the painter to paint one of the doors in the kitchen in a grey and pink color. I wanted to do something crazy in all the Whites (the kitching is White, the walls are White, the floor is an oak floor that is pigmented White), so time for a dose of color. This is the result:

oh yes, and I have choosen this Marroccan tile for the staircase.