Monday, March 21, 2011

Featured in Swedish Magazine

So, I'm happy to say that my business was featured in the latest issue of the Swedish interior decorating magazine - Allt i Hemmet. Feels great that my idea of sharing and injecting color into Scandinavian homes are shared and encouraged by other professionals within the business.
Buy the issue and take a look for yourself!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Now I love unique stuff...

...for childrens room and I discovered these great elephants made by Fern & Feather and bought at Hand made and just a work of art!

However, and this is a big however....they are simply too expensive for my wallet. Now there might be some of you that are much better off than me, so I still had to share these lovelies with you!

Why are so few Scandinavians...

...catching on to ikat fabrics and the Suzani trend? Now I keep seeing all these inspirational pics in international magazines and on blogs showcasing homes decorated with the most stunning ikat fabrics and Suzanis but for some strange reason Sweden (at least) is not catching on to this trend. Are we simply afraid of too much color (which would not surprise me)?

Now if you don't like the batik effect then I guess you won't go for an ikat pillow for you sofa (I must admit there are versions of ikat weaving that I'm less fond of and I'm not a great fan of batiks). But I have come to love this craftmanship and most of the colors a absolutlety stunning as they are so vibrant but all naturally dyed. Check out these pics (all borrowed from Absolutley Beautiful Things) and be inspired!
And be sure to take a look at the ikat pillows available in the shop as well as my two stunning Suzanis

Chair on left upholstered with a Suzani.

Chair upholstered in a vibrant ikat fabric.

A Suzani dressing up a crisp white loveseat making it all the more interesting to look at and sit in!

Business is slow....

So lately business has been REALLY slow and I keep asking myself if it's worth the hassle with all the bills (...unfortunately they keep coming eventhough business isn't exactly booming...). So when I get an email from a lovely person like Frida Svahn (check out her website and blog addresses below!) telling me how lovely she finds my shop and products, the day suddenly seem just a tad brighter ;-) Take a look at her website, maybe she could offer you some help in turning your home a tad more fab!

Frida Svahn stylist and interior decorator

Huggies from moi!