Sunday, June 20, 2010

Who's a sucker for weddings?

I had the most wonderful day yesterday. A friend and I had planned to go all out for the Swedish Royal wedding of Crown Princess Victoria and Daniel (now Prince Daniel ,-). My motto is; "If you haven't got a great excuse to wine and dine, than you quickly find one". And a Royal wedding is a GREAT excuse, as it only comes around every half century or so (if you're lucky ,-), so it needs to be celebrated! Below you will find some great pics of the food that were washed down with a bottle of nice wine or two.
The couple to celebrate - Victoria & Daniel - I just LOVED Victorias dress, stunning!

Ok, so here are some pics of the foods that we happily digested...mmm....who doesn't love a great buffet!

Cheese anyone?....Yes, please, and throw in some figs marmalade and I'm a happy woman!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Lovely are the year of pitter patter on the floor...

My daughter - and my husband's ; ) - is now 2 and then some....and I just marvel at how lovely she has turned out (I'm very modest I know ; ). She is this darling little person with the most contagious smile and I keep thinking -like most parents probably do - how can we ever have another little being that is as perfect as this one. I keep thinking that she will always have a special place in my heart as she is my first born, but I know from friends and siblings that it's possible. The heart - amazingly - have plenty of space to love lots and large. And I do feel assured that there will be plenty of love left for a little brother or sister, if we are lucky to be able to have another beautiful baby some day. These are lovely days and the years to come will probably be equally great and I'm sure we will be graced with pitter patter on the floor in many years to come. There is something so special about these early years where they are so unspoiled and unaware of the world. I found this lovely quote that I just had to share...

"There is a garden in every childhood, an enchanted place where colors are brighter, the air softer and the morning more fragrant than ever again"

Oh how one wishes that they could just stay small...well except when mummy wants to go out for dinner with her husband or when I've had enough of the pulling of my clothes by a screaming 2-year old or when it would be nice to just sit down and have a cup of coffee for say 15 minutes and read the magazine that I just got in the mail : ) Ah like I said, these are lovely years! ; )

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Custom order for customer

...turned out GREAT! Lovely mild and summerish colors. My customer - who couldn't stand the color red, which is why she opted for pink - wanted a a matching bedding sets for her girls and this is what they look like when finished and ready to be shipped. As the mild spring green matched the soft pink we went with green instead of turquoise. The pictures are all summerish and lovely....I'm thinking sand between my toes...sunburnt and salty skin touching cool sheets...mmmm....

Monday, June 14, 2010

Flower Power makes a room stick out

Soon there will be new soft additions in the shop. The most wonderful hand made flower pillows that you could ever imagine for your bed, sofa or kids room will soon appear on my door step. Ahh! They are gorgeous. And even though they don't have the lovely smell that real ones have, they will still help you have a touch of summer around the house once the darker and more gloomy days arrive. Check them out, aren't they just lovely!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A celebration of many good things...

I took a little trip with my dad the other day and walking along the streets of Helsingör (Denmark) - minding my own business - this chair started to talk to me! It's crazy I know! It kept whispering "buy me, love me, you know you want me", and before I knew it, this other chair (they must have been related) started pleading as well (well there wasn't much begging goin' on as I'm pretty easy) "pleeease buy us both"...."we'll make your house look pretty"..."I know there's a bump or two, even some tears but we're not that expensive and...". Before I could tell them both to "shut up....I'm poor, let's talk after payday", there I was in the store talking to the sweet man owning the shop, asking for a good price if I buy them both and voilá! here they are in our dining room all pretty and happy and beautiful....

So in the evening we celebrated...well not that I bought the chairs (if we celebrated with Champagne every time I bought a chair I'd by one at least every week!) No we had some other stuff to celebrate. And when I saw the bouquet (that my hubbie bought for me...he does have impeccable taste in flowers...knows all of their names too?? what's that all about??) the Champagne and my exquisite chairs I was inspired to share them all with you. So here they are...

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Garden pretty...

The summer is so wonderful with all it's beautiful flowers and colors! I had to share some pics that I took in the garden today. Makes me long for long days in the garden, sitting in a loungy chair, sipping some lemonade having a freshly baked cinnemon bun...reading a good book, feeling the sun on my face, having to wear sun glasses...ahhh....the season of just being....what wonderful days these are. Hmmm just looked at the weather report and it shows...rain, rain and rain all week!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

So I had a little Marrakech inspired party the garden yesterday. Well not really, but it does look like it from the pictures I took. I felt inspired to inspire and thought I'd make an installation with some of my favorites from the store. They all contribute to make the outdoors so much more inspirational and extend your livingspace as you suddenly - with summer arriving - have that extra room...hmmm...well that is if you have a garden, terrace or balcony, otherwise you're screwed ;-) You simply have to carry your lovelys to a park or the beach...that works as well! Anyway here are the pics....enjoy your day in the sun!

Lots of Love


So what you see is my batik floor pillows; the green one in the bambo chair that I actually spray painted black the other day, and the pink one on the floor. The Uzbek Suzani as the table cloth, STUNNING! The zebra patterned pillows in green and pink, the Hmong shawl draped over the chair and the Bonjour mon coussin pillows in the bambo chair as well. All the way in the back is one of my paintings "You are exactly where you ought to be".

Batik pillow for the floor 70x70 cm and painting...ah! what gorgeous colors!

More batik pillows sold in a set of three...this pic shows two out of the three...

Funky Bonjour mon Coussin pillows in my newly painted chair with a lovely batik pillow (70x70 cm)

Hmong shawl in the back, hand printed zebra pillows, the third batik pillow (from the set of three) and my painting.

Another one of my paintings "Lonely is not the only company"