Friday, July 12, 2013

A collage for my son... son on his birthday. Can't believe he is turning two already. Time flies! I'vee been so inactive on the blog that I suspect no one is following it anymore. If there is anyone who visits please let me know or I'll stop posting :-)

I have started a new job which keeps me busy. Also we're in the middle or almost at the end of a big  renovation of our house. There is practically not a wall or a piece of floor that have not been touched by a builders hand :-) So far we are super happy with the result and can't wait to move in, just in time for our summer holiday. Maybe I'll post a pic or two, the before and after result. If not for you than as a memory for myself in the years to come.

We have already gotten so used to the new floor disposition that we can't believe it hasen't always  looked like this. It's sad when you think about how much money you spend on the whole thing and a couple of weeks later you've practically forgotten what it used to look like.

The renovation is messing with my mind and my sleep as I can't turn of the explosion of ideas that I keep getting. There are so many cool things you can do, and I want to do them all now that I have a chance. Also I have a hard time deciding what I want. There's so many styles that I'm appealed by and would like to try. The only thing I know for sure is that I keep getting back to color and lots of it. I am trying to be a little more sofisticated or grow´n up in my choices this time (I don't want the house to look like a clown decorating it going nuts with the colors and patterns...I do like to mix it up and I easily go overboard :-)

I have decided to go for whites on walls and kitchen and mix it up with bright yellow (think Canarie bird) and turqouise or petroleum. I bought this carpet:
And these two saris that I ordered fron India came yesterday and I just love them! Are using them as sofa covers to protect them from my kids sticky, greasy fingers.

Also planning on buying this display cabinet from Oliver furniture which I'm totally smitten with:

A new order for an invitations to a Ladies Night

Thank youy for the order Louise!