Friday, July 17, 2009

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About PilLove

Finally I have a space where I can show my designs and publish any thoughts or ideas that I have regarding my design process. I am totally new to this "blog-thing", so please feel free to give me any feedback that you may have that could improve the blog.

I have just started my own line of pillows inspired by colorful American, Indonesian and Japanese fabric designs. And as you can see from the photos of my designs, I LOVE color! Everything that I design will have color and lot's of it!

I hope you like it! I have tried to keep prices down. However my prices reflect the fact that I make a limited number of pillows of each design. I want my customers to feel that they have a one-of-a-kind pillow, and by such, are unique in owning one. I also have all my pillows made by professional seamstresses in Sweden.

My pillows come in different sizes; 70x70 cm, 50x50 and 35x60 cm. When you order a pillow you will not recieve the insert, just the pillow case. However, all measurments are meant to work with standard sizes that you can get at for example IKEA, Ellos, H&M, StoffoStil.

As for the other products on this blog I have put a lot of effort into finding unique pieces that will add that "je ne sais quoi" to you home. All products live up to at least one of the following requirements:

- Hand made

- Fair traded or supporting a good initiative or project

- Eco-friendly

- Second-life product

I like the fact that a lot of them have a history or a story to tell. They show the cultural textile history of a country or the person that have made the product. I like to think that they have a soul or a personality. These kind of product do however bring with them a higher price. There is a process behind each product which makes them more expensive to buy. I hope you appreciate this fact and that you are willing to pay that little extra for the "uniqueness" of each product.

Why I use a blog tool?

My blog is used as a platform to be able to sell my products and is therefor not used in the classic sense of a blog. I have chosen to use a blog as there are no costs connected with this tool. As a start-up company my budget is very limited and I want to use most of my funds to buy lovely products. I am aware of the fact that this limits the "easy to use" -factor and makes it a more lengthy procedure to buy. I hope to be able to open a webshop in the near future but it will depend on the frequency of visitors on the blog and the demand for my products. The positive aspect of using a blog is that I can get feedback on my products. It also enables me to have a more personal relationship with you as a customer.


If you place an order your goods will be shipped within 3 work days from the day the order is placed. However, no goods will be sent until your payment is registered on my account. In other words, if your payment haven't been registered on my account within those 3 days the number of days before the goods are shipped will be extended.

The prices stated on the blog does not include the cost for shipping. Please contact me for details regarding shipping. I will try to find out the most cost efficient way to ship your products. If you buy more expensive items I recommend you ship with insurance and/or with tracking number. If you buy for a value over 1000 SEK I will not charge you for shipping.


The company possesses an F-tax card / registered for corporation taxation.

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