Thursday, October 14, 2010

Oh dearest I have...

... fallen in love AGAIN! How is this possible??
Now the greatest thing about my job is getting my hands on products that I like, love or crave and of course being able to offer them to you - my lovely customers - at a fairly reasonable price. The worst part is that it's almost IMPOSSIBLE to choose, as there are SO MANY fab products out there and even though they might not be the most expensive products for me to buy, my wallet is fairly thin, which is forcing me to be very picky when deciding on what to buy(hmmm....which in a way is also a good thing....ahh....well...anywaaay...). Now the products below are excellent examples. I would love to buy this suppliers' whole collection as I just LOVE IT! But unfortunately I can't, as I simply can't afford it. And also, I don't want to risk sitting on a large stock of items that you - my customers - for some strange reason have decided that you don't want (I admit...sometimes I just don't get you...I'm sorry....but I mean how can you not want to buy all my stuff???) Take a look at these pillows and quilts aren't they just wonderful?

Now am I crazy, or is this the coolest bed spread ever?? Me want a lot!

... and yes I agree these kind of frilly unnecessary things - like Lavender bags - aren't...well...necessary but they are still lovely ;-)

Me L-O-V-E a L-O-T!

Just lovely...makes me smile...

Again...what's not to like???

Sweet butterflies for your darling...


  1. Så, var kommer de ifrån? De är underbara. Har Du länk till varifrån de kommer?

  2. Det skulle vara mindre genialiskt av mig att avslöja leverantören om jag själv ska representera deras produkter. Hela denna bloggen handlar om produkterna på min shop eller saker som inspirerar mig. Om jag avslöjade leverantörerna av mina produkter faller en viktig del av mitt företagskoncept, dvs att i största möjliga mån erbjuda unika produkter av små och för den svenska marknaden, okända leverantörer. Om det var en speciell produkt som du var intresserad av, föreslår jag att du skickar mig ett email så ska jag se om jag kan hjälpa dig dvs om jag inte själv kommer att plocka in den.