Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Paris...oh Paris...

So one particular cover from Bmc has caught the eye of many -Paris no 4 - which I'm sorry to say is not available in the store at the moment as they are all sold out. Now Paris no 4 has been featured in Sköna Hem (Sweden's biggest magazine within interior design/decoration in terms of most reader's), the travel issue of Expressen (a supplemt to the national newspaper that gives all kinds of travel why not include a map of Paris ;-) and now it's going to be featured in Dagens Nyheter a national newspaper that has a rather large audience. So in other words SUPER FUN and great sales for me, yeah! (=I'm still poor and barely able to pay my bills)

Now I have to confess, I don't really get the big fuss about this particular pillow cover. I mean it's nice, super nice in fact, but I will always prefer the more colorfull ones by BoC. Now I guess if you have a particular relationship with the beautiful city - say you lived in a particul part of Paris and that is shown on the map or a particular street - I get it. I would love to see maps of other cities as well, like Rome, New York, Tokyo and London but in more color :-)
Ahh well, anyhoot....I really just wanted you all to know that I've placed a new order for the Paris covers and that they will hopefully be in the shop within a few weeks (expect at least 3 weeks delivery). You are more than welcome to reserve a cover, making sure you get your hands on one. Just send me an email and I will fix with all the details.
Have a great weekend!

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