Friday, February 4, 2011

What's your favorite thing for spring?

So I was sitting here in the library (our office/stockroom/playroom) where I have an excellent view of all the fab products that PilLove carries. It's a really inspiring place to be but at the same time it's daunting as you have a complete overview of all the things that you have yet to sell!

I had my accountant here the other day (closing the books for this year) and I was happy because I had a positive result this year....I had roughly around 1000 sek in profit this year and then I hadn't been able to withdraw any salary for myself for the last one and half year that the business have been running. So if you wanna get rich don't start this kind of business ;-)

I do love it though and I have learnt so many things in the last couple of years that I wouldn't trade the experience for any money in the world (...well maybe 10 million Swedish crowns could change my mind ;-). I have taken the position from day one that this is something that I will do as long as it is fun, and if I can bare the thought that it's not gonna make me stinking rich (I will have to make do with a pillow cover or two ) then that's fine.

Coming back to our library/office/stockroom....I was looking at all the pretty, colorful and just lovely items that we have adorning our walls, I decided that if I were to close down my business today I have an ocean of lovely items to decorate and make our home even prettier. That's when it hit me....what are my favorites at the moment and so here they's my wishlist for Spring/Summer 2011:

Let me know what your favorites are and also if you'd love to see me stock a brand or product that you have a hard time finding on the Scandinavian market.

Lots of love,


So here below you will find a pic or the item that's on my list:

1. The most wonderful flower pillows, handsewn in designer fabric.

2. A beautiful Suzani at the end of our bed (first picture shows one of the two Suzanis that I have fore sale in the shop)

3. Pillow with a statement. Organic felt pillow covers with cool statements.

4. Now these owls will never get old, they are ful of personality and just says "fun". Handmade by a woman in Malasia.

5. Lovely pillows from Bonjour mon Coussin my favorite - Flower - second from top.

6. An explosion of colors are the covers in PilLove's own collection. Usually done in kimonofabric or batik fabric. Here's a selection of the range.

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  1. Hej!
    jag letar efter dina kuddar och tavlor som är helt fantastiska!! Vill ha :)
    Men jag hittar inget på
    Var säljer du dina vackra saker?
    mvh Pernilla :)