Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Suzanis in beautiful colors

Two beautiful Suzanis are now added to my wonderful collection of textiles. Suzani is a Persian word meaning "needle", which is used to describe these two wonderful 1976 and 1971 Uzbek embroideries. Any of these two Suzanis would make a wonderful addition to any sofa, armchair or bed. They will add that certain "je ne sais quoi" that sets you apart from everyone else. They just ooze with history and brings character and soul to any room.


Traditionally, mothers would start embroidering large strips of cotton or silk cloth at the birth of a daughter. When that daughter was old enough to learn to embroider, she and her friends would take on completing the work, which was used for bed, wall coverings, and other types of home decoration.

Suzani patterns are drawn on by hand, and like all imperfect handmade treasures, sometimes the stitching covers all the outlines, sometimes not! Each roundel of swirls and flowers is meant to bring the "Garden of Eden" - a lifetime of happiness and prosperity - into the home. Because of the age and usage, the suzanis do show stains, small holes and other signs of usage. I think this adds greatly to its character.

Suzani no 1: Raspberry red light cotton sateen is satin-stitched in off-white, gold, pumpkin, grass green, purple, mint and black heavy hand-dyed cotton thread. Various colored chainstitched outlines and borders. The suzani is unlined.. Measures: 70" x 72" or 178 x 183 cm.

Price 4000 SEK

To order or to get more pictures, please send me an email

Suzani no 2: Pale warm grey heavy silk sateen is satin-stitched in yellow, coral, pink, olive, kelly, sage, purple and tan heavy hand-dyed cotton thread. Border patterns are outlined in a chain-stitch of charcoal grey. Double bands of hand chain-stitched 1/2" trim border the piece, which is unlined. Measures: 71" x 53" or 180 x 134 cm

Price 4000 SEK

To order or to get more pictures, please send me an email

Keep in mind that this is textile art at it's finest. When you buy a vintage hand embroidered Suzani, you buy a piece of history. The holes, spot or stains are the imprint of history. You either like it or you don't. Either way it is part of its charm and what makes it unique and valuable. One thing is for sure - when draped over a bed or a sofa - it will make the furniture pop in the room!

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