Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Beautiful hand embroidered hemp fabric

All three pieces together, beutiful!

Fabric no 1

Close-up fabric no 1
Fabric no 2
Close-up Fabric no 2
Fabric no 3

Close-up Fabric no 3

All fabric pieces shown above are made of vintage hemp fabric with beautiful Mieo style cross stitching. They are collector pieces, perfect for the vintage textile collector or for anyone with an esthetic eye, who loves to surround her/himself with beautiful things. Frame it, have it on your chest of drawers or why not sew it as an appliqué on a pillow.

Fabric no 1: Measures 9.5" x 10" or 24.13 x 25,4 cm Price 285 SEK
Fabric no 2: Measures 10" x 9" or 25.4 cm x 24.13 cm Price 285 SEK

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