Thursday, October 1, 2009

Super cool, eco-friendly & fair traded travel bag

Ok, so I had to have these travel bags...I just had to! They are super cool, super eco-friendly and Fair Traded, what more can one ask for. The bags - made in Bangladesh - are made of re-used cementbags. Super smart idea!

I would recommend you to use it on all those shopping trips when you find yourself needing that extra bag to fit all your newly purchased finds in. For some reason the bag you brought along simply isn't big enough, how strange! :-)

The bags are super durable and can stand the "beating" that your luggage has to put up with when you travel the world. A bag that actually gets better and better the more wear and tear it has to put up with. Sweet! The best part is, it's not expensive! For 375 SEK this bag is yours!
Size small: 45cm long, 35cm high, and 15cm wide Price 375 SEK
Size Medium: 55cm long, 40cm high and 20 cm wide Price 475 SEK

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