Monday, January 25, 2010

Formex 2010

So I visited the Swedish Trade Fair Formex this weekend and I must say that it was very interesting and great fun. I wasn't there to buy but to browse and to get an idea of what's offered and who my competitors are ;) I was a bit surprised though as there weren't that many exhibitors that caught my eye. I thought the visit where going to leve me discouraged because there where going to be so many great suppliers with super cool and exciting products, however most of them left me feeling "been there, seen that". The only two exhibitor's that struck a cord with me was Olssen & Jensen and Danish House Doctor. Take a look yourself I've included some pics below.

So two of my goodies made it to Formex and were displayed in the Creative Flow installation. Apparently the pillow cases didn't make it as they didn't have any insert...bummer! I wish I had known and I would have included some.

The Fair Traded Travel Bag...

...and one of my owls.

Lamp shades in velvet from Olsson & Jensen that I just HAVE TO HAVE!

Eva Jensen, my former employer, the brain behind Olssen & Jensen.

Wonderful sari throws from House want.

The pillow in the middle with the embroidery reminds me of my hand embroidered Hmong pillows but these are probably machine made and not vintage ;) Still beautiful though!

An arrangement from House the colors!

Lovely matrasses from House also want alot

Super cool throw

They're not new to the market but still Kamelo's feather lamp shades.

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  1. Hej Charlotte, vad roligt, du har jobbat med Jensen ser jag. Jag som precis i julas kontaktade dem om inköp och fick svaret ja. Hann inte förbi deras monter och har nog ingen budget än att ta in Olsson & Jensen, men senare kanske.
    De har underbara saker!!

    Ha en fin dag, Lina med nätbutiken C´est la vie