Friday, January 22, 2010

Feeling creative....made a monster doll

A collection of Creatures ; )

So I had a creative day yesterday. Had one of those days when my fingers itch to do something creative and since I had been roaming the internet for new products for children, I decided I had to try and make a plush doll. I managed to make four....pretty good don't you think? Well to be 100% honest it took me two days ; ) The first one is made of out Ebba's old baby jeans and fabric buttons for eyes and the nose is a red button that I had laying around. Her feet is made out of one of Ebba's lay off onesies (bacause of a stain that didn't come of in the washer...something that never happens around here at casa Wanninger ; ) That's what you get when you let your darling eat without a bib! Well at least I can say that this doll/monster (?) really is a second-life product! The second one is my go at making and owl similar to the one's I sell at my webshop. It turned out quite well actually but I must admit I'm really likning the "ugly-but-in-a-cute-kind-a-way". This has a matching buddy an owl made out of what was left of Ebbas jeans and last but not least a little fishy (pics show front and back of fish). Oh and yes they are for does SEK 250 a piece sound?

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