Thursday, March 18, 2010

New Lamp shades for the Living room

So I have been wanting to buy a pair of velvet shades for our lamps in the living room and I finally found a pair that works really well (although I would prefer if the inside had been lined with another color besides white...I could see them lined in musterd/gold which gives that soft warm light mmm....I like. Anyway...they still bring a whole new vibe to the room ...I say welcome to our elegant boudoir ; ) Although it is still a little too bright to be a boudoir with white walls and white sofa ; ) We'll need to work on that...hmmm or I will have to dream about it as it will never happen if my husband has anything to say about it! (To be honest most of the time he doesn't.....buuuut I try my outmost not to TOTALLY run him over when it comes to decorating. I try to remind myself that he lives here too...even though decorating wise you wouldn't be able to tell : )

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