Sunday, March 21, 2010

New Owls Hand Made by PilLove

New owls are now available on the webshop. These are a hand made by moi and are a little bigger (approx. 10 cm) than the smaller ones I buy from Malasia and softer. More plush and big enough to rest a little tired head on. They all have names and a specific personality, which one will you choose?

Ella Bella (sister to Ellie Elephant tummy)

Beautiful Bird
Bobbie Brown (brother with Geen the Green)

Geen the Green

Petronella Pants

Ellie Elephant Tummy (sister to Ella Bella)

Crazy Car(l)

Garden Pretty

1 comment:

  1. The new owl pillows look AMAZING!!! Can I have one of each please ;) Now when we are decorating Ella´s room I´m looking for lots of colour and fun motives. These fit in perfectly!! I will take a good look at Easter...

    hugs Caroline