Saturday, March 6, 2010

Anyone out there?

Can't believe that 2 years have past already...

Sometimes I feel like I'm having this monolog with myself since I seldom get any comments on my posts (I'n not complaining...just feeling lonely in my small blogger bubble). So this post is for all of you who takes the time to say...well anything really *smiles * (I'm not picky - believe me!) Big hugs to all of you!

But honestly one does feel kind of stupied or self-absorbed publishing all this information that I have no idea if anyone is reading or even interested in knowing anything about. It's silly really. I feel like Julie in the movie Julie & Julia when she writes on the blog; "is anyone out there?", "is anyone reading this?" *smiles*
Ahh well it does give me the opportunity to make my little mark in the world - a very very teeny tiny one - but hey it's still a mark!
Hope you're all enjoying your weekend. We had the most wonderful weather today...feels like spring is in the air even though the temperature is just below freezing. Our daughter is turning two towards the end of March and we're planning of having a picnic in the garden even if we have to wear our winter gear; coats, hats, gloves and all *smiles*

Lots of love,



  1. Dear darling daughter,

    We read your blog everyday with utmost joy and be sure we love to see your creative self. You have so many great inspiring ideas and be sure we love it all. I hope you will get some nice feedback on this.

    Lots of love Mommie

  2. Hi there
    I read your blog earlier with children shouting and filling all the space and I've been thinking about your bog all day. I have days like this too! I think Its hard being creative at home and then laying it all out in a blog and shop saying here it is...its easy to think whats the point and I often do too...But your blog is beautiful and cool your shop is looking really great I love your webiste design and you've got your stuff in shops too...i'm impressed. I'm not sure anyone get much feedback i know I don't.. How are your sales? I'm trying to put a website together do you get many sales through yours? That owl your making is bloody brilliant I bet its flying out ha ha excuse the pun...anyway i'm rambleing (i can't spell either)
    I think what your doings ace
    Love lucy at Rocket and bear