Monday, May 3, 2010

Gotta love...

...these chairs! Now I've tried to make it a rule not to be a blogger that just spits out "I love this", "Gotto have", "Crave this", "Look at that", "Buy this", "Get that" there are probably millions of bloggers that offer this kind of stressful service : ) But hey! Thank God that rules are ment to be broken because...I WANT, CRAVE, LOVE GOTTA HAVE, GOTTA BUY these chairs : ) Now all I have to do first is win the lottery! As always I'm not leaning towards buying the white, black or gray mousy grays for me...I want color...lots of color that says HEY! Look at me, sit on me, smile at me, love me, I will make you happy....and oh yes dear you do...YOU MAKE ME HAPPY!

And zee chairs are from zee wonderful French Tolix

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