Saturday, May 15, 2010

You are exactly where you ought to be

So it's amazing how you can just swim in your own pool of selfcenteredness (for lack of a less negative word!) when you have your own blog. And I do not intend to be modest (it might be a nice quality but it doesn't sell your work and let me tell you I ain't rich yet true Jerry Maguire spirit "Show me the money!" :-)

Anyhoot, here's my latest attempt at being creative...a painting. This one has the following note to self...or word of wisedom; "You are exactly where you ought to be" - a lesson a very wise lady tought me...well actually I'm still trying to learn that lesson ; )

So sit down, reflect and enjoy where you're at. Why is it that we're always wanting for something else?

...a nice comfy chair to sit and reflect in

...with cute butterflies to keep you company

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