Thursday, June 3, 2010

So I had a little Marrakech inspired party the garden yesterday. Well not really, but it does look like it from the pictures I took. I felt inspired to inspire and thought I'd make an installation with some of my favorites from the store. They all contribute to make the outdoors so much more inspirational and extend your livingspace as you suddenly - with summer arriving - have that extra room...hmmm...well that is if you have a garden, terrace or balcony, otherwise you're screwed ;-) You simply have to carry your lovelys to a park or the beach...that works as well! Anyway here are the pics....enjoy your day in the sun!

Lots of Love


So what you see is my batik floor pillows; the green one in the bambo chair that I actually spray painted black the other day, and the pink one on the floor. The Uzbek Suzani as the table cloth, STUNNING! The zebra patterned pillows in green and pink, the Hmong shawl draped over the chair and the Bonjour mon coussin pillows in the bambo chair as well. All the way in the back is one of my paintings "You are exactly where you ought to be".

Batik pillow for the floor 70x70 cm and painting...ah! what gorgeous colors!

More batik pillows sold in a set of three...this pic shows two out of the three...

Funky Bonjour mon Coussin pillows in my newly painted chair with a lovely batik pillow (70x70 cm)

Hmong shawl in the back, hand printed zebra pillows, the third batik pillow (from the set of three) and my painting.

Another one of my paintings "Lonely is not the only company"

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