Sunday, June 20, 2010

Who's a sucker for weddings?

I had the most wonderful day yesterday. A friend and I had planned to go all out for the Swedish Royal wedding of Crown Princess Victoria and Daniel (now Prince Daniel ,-). My motto is; "If you haven't got a great excuse to wine and dine, than you quickly find one". And a Royal wedding is a GREAT excuse, as it only comes around every half century or so (if you're lucky ,-), so it needs to be celebrated! Below you will find some great pics of the food that were washed down with a bottle of nice wine or two.
The couple to celebrate - Victoria & Daniel - I just LOVED Victorias dress, stunning!

Ok, so here are some pics of the foods that we happily digested...mmm....who doesn't love a great buffet!

Cheese anyone?....Yes, please, and throw in some figs marmalade and I'm a happy woman!

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