Monday, October 19, 2009

a PainTING anyONE

My tree of Life (not for sale)
Keep calm carry on
Save the polar bear
The one that got away
Save the forest - Recycle your newspapper!
Miss Butterfly
Barndomen oskuldens tid

Ok, so I have this hobby, I make collages.

It all started with the birth of my daughter - or to be more exact - the knowledge of that my husband and I were having a girl. So I wanted to make a painting for her, and I had recently been in New Orleans were I had been inspired by this woman who made these wonderful art pieces using paper scraps. So I made this painting with hundreds and hundreds of punched out paper scraps and turned it into this "tree of life" with messegas like "Play", "Run" and "Laugh". I love the way it turned out, but decided to never embark upon such a humungous project ever again (I made that promise many times but never seem to be able to keep it ;) So instead I make these smaller paintings -stil candy for the eye - in the same spirit and technique, but with less forest glued to it ;) At the moment I have these collages for sale. They come in different sizes and colors.

Keep calm carry on, 53,5x65 Price 1500 SEK
Save the polar bear, 45x45 cm Price 1500 SEK
The one that got away, 54,5x48 cm Price 1200 SEK
Save the forest, 60x73 cm Price 2000 SEK
Miss Butterfly, 61x50 cm Price 1500 SEK
Beautiful, 46x42 cm Price 1200 SEK
Barndomen oskuldens tid, 33x41 cm Price 800 SEK

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