Monday, February 15, 2010

Inspired by ikat & Suzani

Ok, so as you may or may not know that I have inluded some ikat pillows in my pillow cover collection at I think these hand woven silk fabrics are simply stunning and like many of the pieces for sale on the shop they have a wonderful history.

The images below just show a few different ways how ikat fabric POP UP just about everywhere. On the catwalk, on the wall, on your clutch or on a chair....I LOVE IT! The pillows that I have for sale are from Uzbekistan, hand woven by the most talented local artists from Tashkent.

I also have two beautiful vintage suzanis for sale on the web shop. These are also from Uzbekistan. These are a real treat for the eye. I included some inspiring images below on less traditional use of Suzanis.

Perfect to drape over a chair or a stool

Or drape it over the end of a bed

Abolutely fabulous as a table cloth on a round table.

One of the two Suzani's that I for sale on PilLove (circa 1971)


  1. Great pictures & Suzanis you have there. I love Suzanis used in different context - pillow, bed cover, table cover, etc..

    We collect as well some Suzanis - and thought you may be interested with our Flickr, blog, or shop websites.

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