Sunday, February 28, 2010

A new coat hanger please...

I've had this thing that I'd like to do but I can't seem to get around to doing it. I'd like to spray paint a couple of mounted deer antlers in say bright red and use them as a coat hangers. I think it would look super cool and in a way it's a form of re use or second life product thinking. However, I have to get my hands on some antlers and preferably at a price that doesn't ruin me! Until then I'm inspired by these hangers however they would not work at our know me...I always crave color ;-)


  1. ’one mind, ~ two bodies’ i think d says ?
    i’m looking for antlers too ( wanna do a photo
    with them on my head though .. ) ! *smiles*

    i think we might be able to find us both antlers, sweetie;
    will be going treasure hunting for the showroom / shop
    in the next couple of weeks; promise to hunt for you as well !

    much love , h

  2. Ha ha! Didn't know you came here ;-) Love to hear from you more often on the blog. You always make me smile on the inside and out.No one leaves me any comments...buhu.When are we going to get together??'m open to suggestions. What about this week? How are things with me!