Monday, April 19, 2010

How I spent my weekend

So here's how I spent my weekend...saving shirts! : ) My husband wears a shirt to work everyday and I have finally found why that is a good thing...I can make super soft and beautiful pillow covers out of the used and discarded shirts (i.e. those with e.g. a hole on the elbow or a spot on the sleeve). It's a great way to make a second life product; the fabric is of good quality and since the shirts have been worn they are soft to the touch. Take a look at these, I think they turned out great!

They will probably end up here, i.e. in the bedroom. Makes great decor pillows matching the existing duvet cover and pillows. Throw a couple of these into the mix and you have a very chic boutique hotel feeling to your bed ; ) if I could only charge my guests.... ; )

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