Thursday, April 22, 2010

Spring vibes on the blog...

So I decided I had to get a more spring-ish feel on the blog, so for now I will dress everything up in this beautiful flower dress. It does work well with the overall them of the "COLOR me happy theme" here at PilLove ; ) Hope you like it too!

Ohh....talking about spring I just had to include this pic taken in our garden a couple of years ago. This green oasis has been a distant memory the past year after I managed to "kill off" our lawn last year : ( If you'd like to know how I did that, give me a call ; ) I don't make it a habit of sharing my most embarrassing moments with just anyone ; ) Anyhoot, we are rolling out new grass tomorrow and I can't wait to actually have the garden dressed in green again. Just look at the picture and the colors, it's all natural no color enhancement here...."grönt är skönt" as you say in Swedish!

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