Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Oh my lovely kitchen table

...you look so nice all raw and natural, I wish I could keep you this way! My kind and hard working father helped me sandpaper down the table top (took him a whole afternoon, thank...thank you...thank you dad!) so that the beautiful wood would come through. Gone are the awful wet spots and the varnish that used to cover the table top. Now the finish is all natural and soft as a baby's butt. I wish I could just keep it this way but this is not utopia (meaning we have a kid, we drink wine and eat dinner at the table) so the table will haft to be treated. Ah well at least I now have pictures to document it when it was all blond and natural and lovely.

oh, I bought this beautiful ceramic bowl today...I have longed for it and now it's mine!

You can see the before color on the legs, they are a bit darker but works really well with the top.

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