Sunday, April 18, 2010

How to decide...

...I don't know?! So once again I'm trying to decide on what fabrics to choose for my new childrens line. This time I'm thinking of making duvet and pillow covers for toddlers with matching decor pillows. The fabrics below are some of the prints that I have just fallen in love with, however and this is a BIG one I will only go for two or maaaaybeee three designs/prints and I find it impossible to choose!

So the theme of this collection is "around the world" and this particular print makes me wanna travel the world and experience all kind of exotic places. The print will just trigger my kids imagination and take her all kind of far away places in her dreams....Russia, Tokyo, China her we come! Sleep tight honey bunny!

My kind of retro....just L O V E it!

The cutest print ever!

Let's go visit the jungle, shall we? A great print! Lot's of crazy colors and prints of animals like lions, monkey's and exotic birds.

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